Nematology 100 Annual Nematode Song Contest - 2010

An annual event.  Entries required to be nematocentric, biologically and anatomically correct!  (May be very slow by modem)

2010 Entries:

It may not be possible to hear the songs unless you use Internet Explorer as your web browser


Title Lyrics Vocals Category
Nematode Haikus Leslie Melnyk Leslie Melnyk and Denia Rodriguez-Piza Music, Lyrics and  Haiku Vocals Category
Red Ring Nematode Hana Yokoyama-Hatch Hana Yokoyama-Hatch Lyrics and a cappella Vocals Category
Xiphinema americanum Patrick Kingston Patrick Kingston Lyrics and sing-along Vocals Category
Xiphinema index Leslie Melnyk Leslie Melnyk Music, Lyrics and Vocals mailed-in Category

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