Nematology 100 Annual Nematode Song Contest

Hall of Fame Selections

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Title Lyrics Vocals Category
My Heroes Have Always Been vulnus Chris Cerney Chris Cerney Lyrics, Vocals and Accompaniment Category
The Ring Nematode Song The Frat Boys (Casey Schroeder and Tim Hammerich) The Frat Boys Lyrics, Vocals and Accompaniment Category
The Girl From Xiphinema Kurt Kabica Kurt Kabica Special Film Category
Nematology 100 2005 The Nematology 100 Class El Grupo Todo 05 Lyrics and Vocals Category
You ain't nuthin' but a nematode Peggy Backup and Melanie Fisher Nem100 Choir 06 Lyrics and Vocals Category
I Hate You RKN Victor David Perez Victor David Perez Music, Lyrics and Vocals Category
Xiphinema index Leslie Melnyk Leslie Melnyk Music, Lyrics and Vocals mailed-in Category

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