Lifetime Nematode List - the César Project

Rev.  09/27/2012

Download the chart and maintain a running list of names of all the nematodes that you see and identify in this class using the format below. You may develop a hardcopy or electronic file.  Add rows as necessary. Turn in your list at the end of the quarter.

Date Genus species Class Order Family Common name Feeding habit Host/Food Source/environment colonizer-persister (cp) value
10/01/12 Pratylenchus vulnus       lesion root-feeder walnut  
10/08/12 Rhabditis sp.         bacterial-feeder bacteria  
10/08/12 Aphelenchus avenae         fungal-feeder fungi  
10/16/12 Helicotylenchus dihystera       spiral root-feeder grass  
11/08/12 Discolaimus major         generalist predator