Laboratory Exercise 18
Rev. 11/30/2012

Purpose:  Economics of the nematode management decision process.

Note: Please bring laptop computers for Laboratory 19 on 12/5/12.

     1.   Powerpoint presentation and slides:  Physical and cultural management of plant-parasitic nematodes.

     2.   Analyze soil suppressiveness experiment set up in Lab 17:

Determine the suppressiveness of each soil by the relative number of Heterodera bacteriophora recovered from the faunated and defaunated treatments. Are there differences between the soils and the organism-free sand?
Report to the class on soil suppressiveness.

     3.  Nematodes of grapevines: PowerPoint presentation as an example for management of a nematode community.


        The Soil Food Web: Powerpoint presentation on food web structure, function and management.

    4. Discussion of management decisions and information delivery.
          Components of a simple expert system for nematode management decisions.

            a. Nematode/plant compatibility chart - consider need for a database, e.g. Nemabase.
            b. Relationship between numbers and plant growth - key pest.
            c. Relative value of other nematodes in terms of key pest - pathogenic equivalents - how to estimate.                       
            d. Environmental suitability parameters:

            e. Seasonal multiplication rates - literature and experimentation, extrapolate.

            f. Decline rates - winter and non-host - literature and experiments.

            g. Annual multiplication rates.

            h. Control costs:

            i. Steady-state population convergence.
            j. Initial population assessment - reliability, variability, alternatives.
            k. Economic analysis:

            l. Development of user-friendly software

     5.  PowerPoint presentations: 

            Nematode damage thresholds.

     6.  Videotapes: 

     7.   Homework Assignments:

          Review Laboratory 19 assignment and start planning your strategy. 

          NEMAPLEX Exercise
          Main Menu:
            Select...Management and Decision Support   
               Select...Nematode Management
                  Review:  Principles of Nematode Management.
                           Tactics:  (Various tactics listed)    
                           Emerging Research Developments:  (Various topics)
           Return to Main Menu
                     Review current research on Nematode Management.

       8.  Use Nemabase2010 to review susceptibility and/or resistance of plants to different nematode species. 

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