Laboratory Exercise 7
Rev. 10/18/2012

Purpose:  Ectoparasitic nematodes: Orders Dorylaimida and Triplonchida

Morphology, anatomy, feeding habits:
        Longidoridae (Dorylaimoidea, Dorylaimina, Dorylaimida)
        Trichodoridae (Diphtherophoroidea, Diphtherophorina, Triplonchida)

     1.   Powerpoint presentation and slides presentation of characteristics and virus transmission. (and of characteristics of nematodes in lab 6)

     2.   Hand-pick live adults of

          a)   Trichodorus sp. from grape, Lodi
                    b)   Xiphinema index from grape, Lodi
          c)   Xiphinema americanum from grape and from alfalfa, Davis

         Draw the nematodes, observing the following characteristic features:

          a)   spear length and morphology.
          b)   esophagus type and anatomy, nature of postcorpus
               interface with intestine.
          c)   male and female reproductive structures.
          d)   general shape when heat-relaxed.

      3.   Note the taxonomic position of these nematodes in the orders Dorylaimida and Triplonchida.

      4.   Examine descriptive charts of these plant-parasitic nematodes in the Dorylaimida and Triplonchida

     5.    Complete examination of nematodes from lab 6.

     6.   Videotape:   Xiphinema index feeding on roots of seedlings.

     7.  Study photographs of characteristics and damage by migratory ectoparasites: Xiphinema, Longidorus and Trichodorus.  Also, slides of the ultrastructure of these nematodes.

    8.  Review of use of Nemaplex for study of nematode characteristics and host ranges.

    9.   Homework Assignment:

          NEMAPLEX Exercise
          Main Menu:
               Select...Biology and Taxonomy
                Select..Phylogenetic Classification
               Select...Order Dorylaimida
                           Review characteristics of this Order.
                           Review Longidorus, Paralongidorus, Xiphinema, including some of the species.

                    Return to Classification Menu
               Select...Order Triplonchida
                           Review characteristics of this Order.

                           Review Trichodorus, Paratrichodorus, including some of the species.
            Return to Main Menu
             Select...General Nematology
                Select...Nematodes as Plant Parasites
                   Select...Nematodes as Virus Vectors
            Return to Main Menu

     10.   Nemabase Exercise

           Review the host range of these nematodes.  What are the indicated non-hosts?  Are there resistant cultivars available?
          From the Nemaplex main Menu, select Management and Decision Support, then Nemabase 2012.

         Alternatively, you can access the data from the descriptive page for each nematode. 

Return to Nematology 100 Menu