Laboratory Exercise 1
Rev. 11/06/2012
    Purpose:  Introduction to Nematodes and Nematology, recognition of plant parasites and other feeding groups.
  1. Nematology worldwide, in California, and at UC Davis.
  2. Powerpoint presentation and slides of nematode anatomy, morphology, and damage to plants.
  3. Available facilities, review of use of compound and dissecting microscopes.  Köhler illumination. 
  4. Examine the range of size and shape of the live nematodes provided.
  5. Place 5 nematodes on a microscope slide using a nematode pick.
    Kill the nematodes with gentle heat.  Apply coverslip.  Identify and draw stoma, digestive system, and reproductive structures.
  6. Centrifuge to concentrate a sample of nematodes, observe differences in size, activity, morphology and anatomy.  Consider relationships between form and function.
  7. Guided tour of soil nematodes - the multi-headed microscope.
  8. Introduction to NEMAPLEX:
  9. Introduction to the Faunal Analysis Project.
  10. Homework Assignment:

    Review sections of Nemaplex on class introduction and characteristics of the phylum Nematoda as follows:

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