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           Pratylenchus brachyurus
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Morphology and Anatomy:

Nematode is 0.4-0.5mm long.

Lip region is generally low and flat.  Head frame sclerotized.

Tail conical and rounded to flattened at tip.

Nematode has short ventral overlap of esophagus.

Monovarial, uterus prodelphic, short post-uterine sac.

Females are slender.

Males are extremely rare.

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Widely in the tropics and sub-tropics.  Type host was pineapple in Hawaii where it was described by Godfrey in 1929..

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Economic Importance:

C-rated pests in California.

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    Migratory endoparasite of roots.     

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Wide host range, including:

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Pratylenchus brachyurus

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Life Cycle:

There are no males (extremely rare); females reproduce by parthenogenesis.

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Burrows through cortex; necrosis occurs after 24 hours in tobacco, 4 days in pineapple.

Can stop growth of pineapple roots.

May result in vessel blocking in corn.

In peanuts, causes crop loss by weakening pegs so that pods drop off; lesions appear on pegs, pods, and shells.

Slows growth on young citrus in Florida, but effect diminishes with tree age (O'Bannon).

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For a list of plant species or cultivars (if any) reported to be immune or to have some level of resistance to this nematode species, copy the name

Pratylenchus brachyurus

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CIH 89

Lordello, L.G.E. 1986  Plant-parasitic nematodes that attack coffee. Pp 33-41 in Anon.  Plant-parasitic nematodes of bananas, citrus, coffee, grapes and tobacco. Union Carbide Corp.

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