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        Meloidogyne naasi 

Barley root-knot nematode.

The specific name is derived from the initials of the UK National Agricultural Advisory Service.

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Morphology and Anatomy:


A,B,C=male; D,E,F=female; G,H,I,J,K=second-stage juvenile
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Temperate areas of the United States and Europe. 

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Economic Importance:

B-rated pests in California. 

In California, this species can cause yield losses of 50-75% in barley grown under continuous cropping in the Tulelake innermountain region. 


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 Feeding site establishment and development typical of genus.

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Grasses, cereals, and weeds. 

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Meloidogyne naasi

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Life Cycle:

Egg hatch in water is very limited unless eggs have been chilled by storage below 5C for 1 to 7 weeks  (Franklin et al, 1971). 

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Galls are generally cylindrical, spindle-shaped, or hooked. 

Feeding causes necrosis, hyperplasia, and hypertrophy of cortex; also causes disorganization of xylem elements. 


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Crop rotation can be effective in California (1 year fallow or 2 seasons of potatoes increased barley yield - Allen, 1970).

Host Plant Resistance, Non-hosts and Crop Rotation alternatives:

For a list of plant species or cultivars (if any) reported to be immune or to have some level of resistance to this nematode species, copy the name

Meloidogyne naasi

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CIH Descriptions of Plant-parasitic Nematodes, Set 2, No. 19 (1973)

Franklin, M.T., S.A. Clarke and J.A. Course. 1971. Nematologica 17:575-590.

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